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Rates & Fees

Artists can't live off exposure and hopes and dreams!

Commissioned Paintings & Drawings

We'll talk about your specific needs and vision.

Cost varies based on size, materials, surface, timeline and medium desired.

Teaching Artist Fees

Interested in learning drawing, cartooning or Adobe Creative Suite online?

Check out online class options on TakeLessons.com

Fees range from $25/hr to $60/hr

Artist Services/Visiting Fees

Day Rates (6 hours = 1 Day)

Speaking/Workshopping at a local establishment:  $300


Painting at a local establishment:  $400


Speaking/Painting Engagements Requiring Travel

We'll need to talk about your needs, dates and budget.

Travel reimbursement is a must.

Book Illustrations & Other Long Term Commitments

We'll need to talk about your vision and appropriate timeline & compensation.