"Concieve Conmigo" A Solo Exhibition at DaVinci Art Alliance

January 4th - 15th, 2017


...I was 32 years old before I had the money and opportunity to travel overseas. I always fancied myself a traveler growing up in very-rural eastern North Carolina. Seeing and experiencing the world was always an ambition but I regrettably suffer from a (self-diagnosed) social anxiety and paranoia that always kept me from exploring new places alone - the fear of getting lost and/or looking stupid kept me from living a large part of my early years. I got a passport the Christmas after my 30th birthday, sensing that I would need it sometime soon, despite my reservations. In January 2015, I met the love of my life, an Ecuadorian immigrant, in the States earning his PhD in Physics. We traveled to Ecuador together the summer of 2016 to meet his family. He proposed to me in August of 2016…I said yes. 

This collection is a look at the country of Ecuador, the country that will be my home for three years starting this March. On the walls, you’ll see literal representations of Ecuadorian landscapes/cityscapes as well as renderings of how I felt and cultural differences I observed as an American tourist. This show is a celebration of blending cultures, facing my fears and finally finding a partner with whom I will travel the world. Thank you to DVAA for showing my personal work, something I don’t get the chance to do very often between freelancing and art advocacy gigs. Thank you to Pedro Ducos for giving me enough subject matter to produce hundreds of new works of art.