The Juggle is Real

I've been teaching a "Strategic Planning" class this year for the Entertainment and Arts Management program at Drexel University. "Strategic Planning" is in quotations because that's only part of what is covered throughout the course. I co-teach with a lawyer/professor with intellectual property and for-profit theater experience and I approach the class like an independent contractor who has shaped their own career since graduating from a painting program. 

What surprises me most is that these students (mostly freshman) are still expecting a 9 to 5 when they graduate - so I'm starting a conversation here about the +'s and -'s of the gig economy, maintaining short term employment with multiple organizations and/or being your own boss.

The Juggle is Real.

And if I can only impress upon my students one thing, it's preparing them for an elusive paycheck - and how to chase it.

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