Being “THE” Leader of the Arts in America

"None the Wiser" - Students’ Reactions to the history of the NEA, the Culture Wars and US Obscenity Laws

Amy is teaching "Arts, Culture and Society" at Drexel University this quarter. She's making the class read John Frohnmayer's, former Chair of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), memoir, "Leaving Town Alive: Confessions of an Arts Warrior." After each chapter, students are tasked to record their reactions to the political climate John is up against as the seemingly only person on the side of the arts in Washington, DC at the time (the 1990's).

Chapter 1 Reaction: “I didn't realize there was a position like this (Chairperson of the NEA) that was so highly sought after.”

Question for Discussion: Why would YOU want to be appointed as Chairperson to the NEA and what would be your first priority?