A Significant Change is Coming

Here's a hint of where we're going :)

Here's a hint of where we're going :)

This year we have had months of refocusing, carefully considering our next steps and, most importantly, re-strategizing to make room for a major re-location expected to happen in the spring of next year.

What does re-location mean for the Artistic Rebuttal Project?
This means a significant change in our programming and communications all while drastically expanding our reach to international artists and advocates. We hope to witness and absorb, first hand, how the arts are incorporated into the fabric of countries other than America and what rights are afforded to artists abroad.

We want to share the entire journey with you!

We will be maximizing our website during this time and moving towards a purely digital audience. THIS BLOG has been created to document our travels. Look there for stories and thoughts of an artist advocate traveling through South America (oooo...a hint!)