Arts Advocacy Day 2016

It's Amy here - watching The Hobbit in my AirBnB in DC while designing a "Go Forth By Phone" reminder eblast, strategizing for Artistic Rebuttal 2017, and re-organizing syllabi for the two classes I'm going to teach in the Entertainment and Arts Management program at Drexel next quarter. I'm missing my Pedro and my pup but when it's Arts Advocacy Day, one must go forth!

If you aren't able to make it down to DC this year and are based in Philly, please consider advocating for the arts on March 8th at the Philadelphia Flower Show!

I'm here attempting to represent four different organizations. FOUR. This platform, Artistic Rebuttal Project; the org I'm the volunteer President of, Emerging Arts Leaders: Philadelphia; the org I'm paid to market for, Theatre Horizon; and the the org in which I cultivate the next generation of art advocates/managers, Drexel University.

I've made a vow to myself to talk to at least 4 new people (non-politicians) about each one of these organizations - we'll see how far I get. It may prove a stupid strategy.

I also am attempting to listen this year more than talk. In the past I was always so worried about getting a word in..."say something, Amy. That's why you're here." Instead, this year, as I sit at the same table and in a legislator's office with the newest Drexel Arts Administration Graduate cohort, I've decided to do a lot of listening. For some of these grad students, this will be their only year going to Arts Advocacy Day.

This is my sixth and won't be my last.

Therefore, I'll be taking a lot of notes during all this listening and share in an upcoming blog post.

So stay tuned for an Arts Advocacy Day 2016 re-cap!