Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, Arts Advocates!

Friends, 2014 is the year of the Horse - which means everyone here at the Artistic Rebuttal Project will be making continuous efforts to improve themselves and their arts-driven missions. The holidays are over...time to get back to the grind.

ARP will be making many strides this year to bring you more stories about art and the lives art has saved, more opportunities to do your part in advocating for the arts, more engaging outreach to our supporters and more interaction with Artistic Rebuttal Director...me...Amy Scheidegger.

There has been a lot of brainstorming for 2014 going on in the ARP camp the past few months, including an Arts Advocacy Day Lunch Hour Phone Drive for those of us who can't make it to Washington DC in April; an arts-advocacy-based children's book written by a local writer/educator and illustrated by yours truly; a trip down to East Carolina University to talk murals and artists' rights; and lots more!

It'll be hard to top last year's remarkable mural feats (thank you again, Mural Arts!),
but we've got enough giddy-up and go to accomplish a lot this year - wild horses couldn't drag us away!  (Sadly, that was my last horse reference of the post.)

While we're waiting for things to warm up outside, join us for some indoor activities this month, including a book reading, a birthday celebration and a trip to the movies!


- Amy

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