This collection, tentatively called "An Introvert Moves Abroad" is still underway. I'll always be attached to East Coast USA, while diving right into living in South America with my love. The series will be about the severe social anxieties I've experienced when it comes to creating new relationships, learning the language and the trials of communication while learning Spanish. I go from crippling self doubt/can't leave the apartment one day to frantically studying Spanish verbs and trying them out on local shop owners the next. It's been hard but every day gets better - exposure therapy, ya'll, is where I'm at. 

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"Diving In"

1st in Series.

"I Can't Walk Outside"

2nd in Series

"My Love"

3rd in Series

"Reasons To Stay"

4th in Series

Dog Walks_WEB.jpg

"Glad My Dog Doesn't Have Anxiety"

5th in Series

"Spanish Stage Fright"  6th in Series

"Spanish Stage Fright"

6th in Series

Self SIlencing_WEB.jpg

"Self Silencing"

7th in Series


"Flood Waters"

8th in Series

MarryingIn _WEB.jpg

"Marrying Into It"

9th in Series


"Fire and Smoke"

10th in Series

More to come! Stay Tuned...